Why We Are Obsessed With The Barbie Movie Poster Strategy

barbie movie poster featured image

The official @BARBIE Instagram page just released these incredible movie posters announcing the cast & characters of the new Barbie movie! 

Barbie wanted fans to be able to re-create these posters for themselves, so make this possible through a simple app in their link in bio or at: www.barbieselfie.ai/uk/

barbie link in bio

Fans have since began making their own versions of the barbie posters, – many of which allowing users to show their unique personalities. 

barbie posters music artists

Music pages such as @Awal and @RollingStoneUK have also joined in on the fun – creating barbie posters based on the artists they’ve worked with.

Small businesses and freelances have also jumped on the trend, as a way to introduce themselves, their team and their services to new audiences.

barbie posters small businesses


So, what can we learn from Barbie’s movie poster marketing strategy?

1. Make It Accessible – Through a simple app and template, Barbie made creating your own poster accessible and easy for everyone, which meant thousands of users could effortlessly take part. By taking time and graphic design skills out of the equation, all users needed in order to participate – was 3 minutes, a selfie and an internet connection.

2. Make It Personal People love talking and posting about themselves! The barbie poster app gave users an excuse to post a good selfie, as well as share something unique or marketable about themselves with their audiences. In exchange, users promoted the film willingly and at 0 additional cost to the brand.

3. Make It Viral – Despite short-form video being the best new thing on social platforms, barbie proves still images in meme culture are not just alive, but also thriving. Barbie knew that combining 1) accessible creative tools 2) people’s love for self-promotion with 3) a global love of comedy, made the perfect recipe for a viral meme firestorm.