Top 5 Best Music Marketing Podcasts You Should Listen To As An Artist

Are you an artist or a music marketing professional?

Always looking for new ways to expand your knowledge of marketing music?

Here are our top 8 podcasts for learning about marketing music in 2023!

(In no particular order)

TRAPITAL – This podcast provides incredible insight into businesses in music, media and entertainment. From discussions around the marketing behind viral moments and stars like Ice Spice & breakout single ‘Munch’, to analysis on the future of music and gaming, Trapital’s founder and host Dan Runcie interviews guests from all different facets of the industry, to give his listeners unique access to the thoughts and experiences of high level players in music and entertainment.

Trapital Dan Runcie

THE MUSIC INDUSTRY PODCAST – This podcast is designed for artists mainly, delving into all the ways artists can market their music successfully to the masses. Presented by Maddy & Alex from the Bustimo team, this podcast covers topics such as social media, spotify, live events, merchandise and branding.

BEST ADVICE – A podcast created by Spotify for Artists themselves, offering up-and-coming artists insights into navigating the world of music, commerce and creativity. Host Kim Taylor Bennett speaks with some of the most fascinating names in music to discuss the ups and downs of a career in music, and sharing some of their best advice along the way.

NO LABELS NECESSARY – A weekly podcast unveiling the world of marketing from Indie Artists to Major Labels. Hosted by ContraBrand founder, Sean ‘Brandman’ Taylor and Jacorey ‘Kohrey’ Barkley. The pair specialise in hip hop & rap marketing specifically, and discuss navigating record deals, music branding, making money as an artist and many more very useful topics across the music industry.

Creative Juice Podcasr

AND THE WRITER IS… – A new take on music podcast, Big Deal Music’s podcast sits down with songwriters specifically to discuss what takes place behind closed doors in the music industry. There are millions of singers, thousands of artists and only 40 top songs per genre at a time…this podcast is about the people who make them.

CREATIVE JUICE – Another great podcast for artists, interviewing music industry professionals, artists and marketers and giving their listeners an insight into the ins and outs of music marketing, from episodes on content strategy, email marketing, digital advertising and financing your career.

SWITCHED ON POP – A really interesting music podcast, taking on the making and meaning behind popular music. Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding dissect the making of the world’s biggest pop hits, and the secrets on how songwriting, composition and production has an impact on a song’s popularity. They discuss household names such as Daft Punk, Drake, BTS and Shakira in this unique playbook on creating sonic success.

THE NEW MUSIC BUSINESS – From the author of ‘How To Make It in the New Music Business’, Ari Herstand is ‘The poster child of DIY music’ as knighted by Forbes, and the host of the podcast The New Music Business.