8 Faceless Content Ideas for Female Artists

8 faceless content ideas for music artists

There’s no doubt, being an artist & a content creator at the same time is really really hard…🥲

Digital burnout is REAL and sometimes artists just need to take a break from posting themselves and lean back a bit on their content strategy! 😴

(That, or featuring in their own content has never really been part of their brand/style anyway)

So that’s why we put together this ✨ list of 8 faceless content ideas ✨ that give artists a BREAK and an opportunity to still create and put out content without having to be camera-on/ selfie-mode ready all the time.


Go through your camera roll over the past month, and pick out key moments such as a picture/video at an event, a meal you enjoyed, a friend you met up with, or a view that you appreciated, and compile this into a photo dump that summarises the month you’ve just had.

If you can’t find anything, with this idea in mind, you can intentionally capture images/videos to compile and post for the next month’s dump instead.

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If you have anything to teach your audience as an artist, you could create a short video compilation showcasing your creative process e.g how to record, mix or master a track, or what your songwriting process looks like. These videos could be faceless by including screen recordings of your laptop or phone and/or POV videos of your hands typing/writing/playing guitar.

Your how-to video could also be on other music industry related topics such as ‘how-to find the best producers to work with’ or even non music-related topics such as ‘how-to organise your wardrobe’ – the opportunity for creativity here is limitless.


Go through your camera roll and search for aesthetic video content that could work as the background for text to overlay on top of. For example, this could be a video of the rain, a beautiful sunset, the light show at a gig, your friends sharing a nice moment, anything that would stop viewers in their tracks.

You could then use this to create a short IG reel with an inspirational quote as text placement on top of the video. This could be a quote relating to being a musician, or it could even be lyrics taken directly from one of your songs. Pair it with the official audio of your song and you have a great piece of content to use to promote your music.


If you have music out already and fans have started using your audio to create video content on IG reels or TikTok, you can use this user generated content (UGC) to create a carousel of videos to post, or even collage some videos together to create a fan IG reel using your official sound.

Alternatively, if you’re not actively releasing music but want to post fan created content, you could make a carousel of artwork created by fans and post it to socials to show your appreciation for your fanbase and encourage other fans to create content of you.


Create a day in the life video and invite your audience to get a glimpse into your life, without even having to show your face. To do this successfully, capture short videos throughout your day however mundane, and take them specifically from your point of view, so just using the back camera.

This could include clips of you getting on the train, being in the studio, working on your laptop, having some dinner, seeing friends, going to a gig, going to the gym etc. Then add text and/or a voiceover on top of the video to help tell the story of your day.



If there are any memes or funny videos that you enjoy and represent your state of being, the music you’ve created or anything else you’re experiencing, you can repost these to further connect and build relatability with your audience.

You could post it on your story, as a post or as a carousel featuring multiple different memes/funny videos. You can also use memes to directly promote your music, for example some artists used the viral meme of Kourtney Kardashian announcing her pregnancy to promote their music, simply by replacing the text on her banner with their own.


Are there any notable milestones or achievements in your recent music career that you haven’t shouted about on socials yet? Maybe it’s the anniversary of one of your releases, or your latest song just got added to a big playlist, or your live show just sold out.

All you would need to do to share this news with your audience is post a screenshot of it with a strong caption describing the meaning behind this particular event. This post could take place on stories for less notable achievements or on your feed for more shareworthy news. Be sure to include your audience in your wins and let them celebrate them with you!


Create a music video entirely from stock footage, following the same process you would use for creating a regular video. Create a treatment and concept, and then source free footage from any of the below websites to stitch together to create your final video.

You could use this video as your official version on YouTube, or opt to add lyrics to make it a lyric video instead. You could also use stock footage to bring to life the quotes/lyrics idea or even to create short social teasers or promotional posts for your music, simply sourcing the right footage and laying your audio on top.

Some great places to find copyright free stock footage:

Pexels PixabayVideezyVidevo

Give these 8 faceless content ideas a try and see where your imagination can take you.

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